Edge Boston on ex-gays

The gay publication, Edge Boston, is in the midst of a 4 part series on ex-gays and religion. Today’s article recounts both ex-gay and ex-ex-gay narratives. The series covers some familiar ground but goes into depth with interviews of some people who also comment here.

UPDATE: 7/20/07 — The article originally stated that Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper were the founders of Exodus. Michael Bussee wrote to David Foucher at Edge to inform him of the complexity of the matter (multiple founders). The Edge then altered the story to correct the first impression.

5 thoughts on “Edge Boston on ex-gays”

  1. Apparently, Exodus initially took more of a supportive role and not a change agent. I think there is some movement back in this direction.

  2. Well, I went back and read both parts 1 & 2. They seem to be saying that there came to exist in Exodus a basic error with respect to a dogmatic “change” to heterosexuality.

  3. Very refreshing indeed. Did they mention though that some people believe it is part nature and nurture? It still isn’t such a black and white issue -either/or, this or that.

  4. Fascinating reading! You know what I liked the most? At the very end of the articles, they provided about a dozen links. It was an unbiased and inclusive list!

    “We’ve done our best to present both sides and what course you decide to check out is up to you.” Can’t tell you how refreshing that is!

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