More Michael Glatze

Michael Glatze has more to say about his story on World Net Daily today.

UPDATE: Michelangelo Signorile interviewed Paul Schindler of the Gay City News about Michael Glatze today. Mr. Schindler talked with Michael and said that Michael indeed an up and coming leader among young gays. Further, Mr. Schindler revealed that Michael backed out of the Paula Zahn Show and today’s Signorile radio show because he prayed about it and did not believe he would get a fair hearing.

There was some extensive discussion of Michael’s explanation for his development of same-sex attraction. According to Schindler, Glatze told him that he had “undifferentiated sexual feelings” when he was 14 and then a friend explained to him about homosexuality and the gay world. Glatze said this influenced the object of his sexual desire toward boys.

On the issue of the LDS church, Schindler said, “I asked him about that” meaning the reports of conversion and Michael reportedly said these reports are not accurate. According to Schindler, Michael is conversing with someone at the CWA to select the right Christian sect. Look for a report from Schindler on Gay City News late tonight or tomorrow.

UPDATE #2 – The Christian Post explores Mr. Glatze’s statement about faith today.

UPDATE #3 – 7/11/07 – GayCity News has a lengthy interview with Mr. Glatze. It covers a lot of the same ground we have been discussing here but adds some detail.