The return of Richard Cohen

When last we heard from Richard Cohen, he wrote to me a letter of apology for his appearance of the Daily Show. Back in April, Richard wrote again to tell me that he had given up his counseling practice and was limiting his work to teaching and speaking.

He has a new video out on YouTube that summarizes his history and promotes his work. From the video, one might think he is still seeing clients. However, on his website the promo states about Cohen: “Recently, he retired from counseling to focus on public speaking and training other professionals.”

On this media page, he provides a list of questions and answers about his history and work. There are a number of debatable points but we have covered most of them before.

Although he has retired from counseling, he has certified a few sexual reorientation coaches.

So the beat goes on at IHF. Mr. Cohen is no longer counseling, he is now coaching.

5 thoughts on “The return of Richard Cohen”

  1. Richard Cohen is embarassing, and I’m certainly not an advocate of reparative therapy…

    The almighty dollar seems a great motivation, even for him to look silly….

    whoever falls for his training is even more impaired than Richard himself….


  2. So… it’s those who can, do; those who can’t, teach those who….. won’t be able to do worth a dang either?

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