Young Gay American former editor writes of changed life

Today’s WorldNetDaily carries an article and column featuring Michael Glatze, who describes a religious conversion that he says has led to sexual conversion as well.

Glatze says a 2005 appearance with Judy Shepard stimulated reflection that led to an evaluation of his life. While it will be tempting for those opposed to homosexuality to generalize Mr. Glatze’s experience, I hope they will resist it (apparently WND already has done so). I also hope pro-gay proponents will not savage the man for his sharp words about homosexuality. Inasmuch as he generalizes his experience to all gays, that will be unfortunate. At the same time, whatever happened in his life, he suggests again that religious devotion can stimulate rather huge shifts in a person’s beliefs, values, and behavior. I know nothing about Mr. Glatze beyond this article, although I suspect we may be hearing more about him in the coming days.