APA task force may not report until 2008

The Washington Blade is reporting that the APA task force on sexual orientation responses may not report until 2008 although they will issue a private report in December. Issuing a private, preliminary report is common and often gives a heads up to those might be impacted by the results. Interesting that the Love in Action-Zach Stark episode was pointed to as a catalyst for review.

6 thoughts on “APA task force may not report until 2008”

  1. LIA states that unless you are 18 years or older you do not reside at LIA as a resident and your parents are to attend with you should you partake of their programs.

  2. Mary: Perhaps therapists who endorse change, Gender Idendtity Therapy or RT could form some sort of non-political, national, professional referral alliance?

  3. Mary – Not sure I am following the question. Sorry, could you rephrase?

    Jayhawk – Well, here for one. Exgaywatch comes to mind. Even though I am sensitive to religious alignment and congruence, I am not a defender of harmful practices. The sexual identity therapy framework was crafted to hopefully address harmful practices.

  4. Warren,

    Is there someplace people who have been hurt, or had their relationship with their family hurt by Reparative Therapy can go to express their own views?

  5. I think the abuse that Zach faced is a compelling wake-up call. While I am comfortable with adults making the choices for themselves to try to “live their values.” I feel that society should take an active interest in protecting children from adults imposing their values on children *when it becomes abusive*. Obviously parents ought to be imparting their values–but forcing Zach into Love in Action was pure psychological and emotional abuse.

  6. Warren?

    Is there some contact information or a place where someone like myself can express the value of having varying views of resources available by first contact health care providers??

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