SF Chronicle issues a revised correction on the adoption story

The San Francisco Chronicle has been criticized from all sides due to its recent article on adoptions. Today the paper ran a revised correction that puts some distance between Paul Cameron and Focus on the Family. It reads:

CLARIFICATION: In an article that ran on Page 1 on Monday about San Francisco’s campaign to get more gays and lesbians to adopt foster children — as well as an opposing evangelical campaign led by Focus on the Family to get more Christian families to adopt — the Chronicle quoted Paul Cameron, director of the Family Research Institute. The article should have noted that Cameron, who believes gays make unfit parents and self-published dozens of articles he said were based on his research, was expelled from the American Psychological Association in 1983 when he refused to subject his work to peer review. The article also should have reported that his Family Research Institute was named a hate group in 2006 by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Writings by Cameron, who split with Focus on the Family many years ago, are still relied on by many conservative Christians.