One side fits all, Part 2 – Evangelicals in the classroom

Yesterday, I posted about what I view as a one-sided article in the American Counseling Association newsletter about sexual identity and religion. I came across this article, now a couple of days old, on a related topic, specifically perceived viewpoint discrimination in social work schools.

I have heard similar things from some of our alums in grad school. They have described a subtle but real pressure to simply avoid discussions of religious and value conflicts in counseling.

2 thoughts on “One side fits all, Part 2 – Evangelicals in the classroom”

  1. Well, we are all trying to control something when we share our ideas. However, when the idea that you can have one idea and I can have another (just speaking in general terms here) and we can’t find a way to fit both in to our shared world then there is conflict. In regards to the issue of change in sexuality and origins, the conflict seems (from where I sit) to be coming from both sides (with a few exceptions).

  2. I think it true that evangelical Christians are probably looked down on as being ignorant and considered to be a threat. But I wonder if that is in any way justified or to be expected?

    Would it not be accurate to say that there have been efforts from conservative evangelicals to limit what can be taught in schools and universities to that which is compliant with their articles of faith? I’ve not seen the Jews or the Buddhists insist on this.

    And I think that when a university sets their benefits policy to be that which they think will best attract talent, they find it threatening for evangelicals to insist that it be changed to meet the demands of their doctrines.

    And have not we seen evangelicals treat education in the sciences as suspect? From archealogy to genetics to biology, evangelicals have attacked the scientists when they didn’t like the outcome of scientific study.

    I think that this mirrors the “War on Christmas” and the other Culture Wars. Certain evangelicals have declared war on the education system and now are trying to act like victims.

    Of course there’s bias. Those whom one is trying to control or harm are not going to think highly of you.

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