Musings on sexual identity: Views from other bloggers

I don’t have time at present to comment at length on the following links from various bloggers but I wanted to note them.

Disputed Mutability has a series of posts regarding the abandonment of a gay identity. The links are as follows: Okay, here we go! Why I Forsook Gay Identity, Part 1, Introduction, ack! (2 points of clarification), Why I Forsook Gay Identity, Part 2: What Gay Identity Meant To Me, Why I Forsook Gay Identity, Part 3: Openness. For those interested in how people find congruence with a traditional sexual ethic, here is some provocative reading.

Over at Adventures of a Christian Collegian, CollegeJay pens a person response to the posts from Disputed Mutability. He notes that definitions are elusive and while reading, it occured to me that what gay means may cut along generational lines. Younger people may think of gay as an adjective on par with homosexual or same-sex attracted without conveying intention to act or approve. Older folks may see gay as describing a political and/or moral statement, as in, ‘I approve of gay.’

The Peter Ould at his personal blog gives an explanation of his preference for the term “post-gay” over “ex-gay.” I like his differentiation between ontological meaning and directional meaning. Another reason to dislike ex-gay: the term implies that sexuality is binary – you are either thoroughly hetero or homo – which of course flies in the face of reality for many people.

Feel free to suggest in commenting other sites and posts that grapple with identity issues.