Glamour magazine features ex-ex-gay

Glamour has a story about Christine Bakke, an alum of several ex-gay ministries, who is now ex-ex-gay. Although the brief historical review in the article is pointless fluff, the bulk of the piece reviews Ms. Bakke’s conflicts between her charismatic faith and upbringing, and her growing awareness of attractions to women.

There is much there of interest to those who work in this vineyard. Her experience made me wonder something that may be a point of discussion here. Perhaps it is an illusory correlation, but it appears to me that ex-ex-gay accounts often include some time in charismatic churches/ministries. Ms. Bakke was raised in such a home. I am not completely sure from the article where she now sees herself religiously, but my read between the lines makes me wonder if she could perhaps be described as “ex-charismatic” as well as ex-ex-gay.

Her story of being in a healing service and claiming her true nature as “the woman God created me to be” reminded me of the Montel segment where Peterson Toscano (also a partner in the venture) described his three exorcisms. I recall researching John Evans story and reading that he experienced “deliverance ministry” which yielded no such outcome.

I know I am venturing into deep waters here. Full disclosure; I am not a charismatic, never have been and am quite distrustful of “words of knowledge,” “deliverance ministry,” “inner healing prayer,” and the like. But with innocent curiosity, I raise a question for ex-gays and ex-ex-gays alike: Could it be that charismatically based expectations for dramatic, rapid and complete “healing” from same-sex attractions lead to unnecessary frustration, spiritual doubt and disillusionment? Another way of addressing the question might be: To properly conduct sexual identity ministry in the charismatic tradition, is it necessary to raise expectations of divine healing?