Alan Chambers on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Tonight

This from an Exodus email alert:

Tune in tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST when CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 presents a feature show on the topic of homosexuality, the ex-gay movement and faith. The show will highlight Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference and will feature interviews with Exodus President Alan Chambers and Dr. Ken “Hutch” Hutcherson, featured speaker at this year’s Exodus conference and Senior Pastor of the Antioch Bible Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Sorry, Warren. I thought they were common knowledge. Gordo provided some links to the Latvia stuff. Here’s some more if that wasn’t adequate.

    This guy’s quite a piece of work.

    One more thing about Hutcherson that I failed to mention before is that it appears that he favors a theocracy – a Christian version of the Taliban in which religious law dictates political policy.

    There are some rumblings that Hutch may be anti-semetic as well… but I don’t want to make that an absolute claim.

  2. I’m quite surprised Exodus is associating itself with Ken Hutcherson given his extremely checkered past.

    He’s not exactly rational or truthful all of the time, his latest trip to Latvia I evidence of that.

  3. You have got to be kidding me! Hutcherson is a featured speaker at Exodus?!?

    This is the same Hutcherson that is best known for trying to blackmail Microsoft with a boycott so they would withdraw their support for a bill that would prohibit discrimination. When two Microsoft employees testified in favor of the bill, Hutch tried to get them fired.

    And remember Latvia. Ya know, where there was a gay gathering at a church and anti-gay activist threw excrement and bottles at the attendees. Where anti-gay religious activists threated the lives of gay people? That Latvia?

    Hutherson knows that Latvia. He went there to discuss gay people. And this is what he had to say: “We better wake up. This is a war”

    Oh, and if you were wondering, Hutch is on the side of the poop-throwers and life threatening thugs.

    But lest you think he’s only talking about his faith, he claimed that he was there as a special envoy of the White House (something the White House denies – but Hutch is threatening to release tapes to prove that he was sent to Latvia to stir up anti-gay sentiment).

    “I come to you representing the White House”, Dr. Hutcherson told the Riga conference, organised by the New Generation Church.

    “We are here to make sure the United States is not being used to push gay rights. That’s the view of the right. And I have the power and the commission to ask these questions.”

    I don’t often call people by the term “homophobe”. Generally it is both inflamatory and inaccurate. Most anti-gay religious people who behave abominably to gay people do so not out of hatred but out of a misguided zeal for their faith.

    Hutcherson is an exception. It is clear that he not only opposes homosexuality, but he also champions both discrimination and physical brutality towards gay people. The man is a hater and a homophobe.

    And this is who Exodus is going to select to share the “Love of Christ” to the homosexual?

    What – was Fred Phelps busy?

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