Conservative reaction to Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter found a way to get attention again — this time by using the slur “faggot” and John Edwards in the same breath. I saw the video clip of her speech and it just looks like a Middle School kid who likes to say things to shock people. Anyway, Hugh Hewitt leads a well-deserved conservative backlash against Ms. Coulter.

UPDATE – 3/6/07 – This story about Ann Coulter and John Edwards would be incomplete without knowing the context. I have not followed this closely but it appears Mr. Edwards has had experience with name-calling in his own camp. Just three weeks ago, two staffers for the Edwards campaign resigned due to insulting remarks made against conservative Christians. In addition, one of the former staffers, Melissa McEwan has had quite insulting things to say about ex-gays, or at least one ex-gay, Greg Quinlan. Apparently, the resignations did not come due to pressure from Edwards. I do not point this out to excuse Ms. Coulter. Rather, it seems to me that there is an unsavory history of insults going back and forth between the Edwards camp and social conservatives that Ms. Coulter continued. This is March of 2007. The election is a long way away. Heaven help us.

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  1. The problem with your claim that two former Edwards staffers said insulting things about christians is that it’s not true. Statements that are made about actual occurences can hardly be called insults. Ann Coulters comment on the other hand was without basis; it was a fabrication, the sole purpose of it was to be insulting.

  2. Box Turtle Bulletin has a related story quoting Alan Chambers’ (president of Exodus) blog reaction to Ann Coulter’s statement. If I knew how to link it here, I would–but I’m hoping that Jim B. will provide the link (or the contents of Alan’s statement). IMHO, this is the type of comment that many readers have been hoping to hear from Exodus.

  3. I would agree that there was a correlation if Edwards invited McEwan to a microphone where she said her remarks and then applauded.

    Otherwise, this is just a stretch. And it is despicable of PFOX to try and diminish the disgusting Coulter’s foulness and hatefulness by making the comparison.

    I’ve yet to see a single instance in which PFOX actually demonstrated concern or care for their gay family members. It would seem that there is nothing too foul that can be said about gay people without PFOX downplaying it or changing the subject to how ex-gays are more persecuted. It’s nonsense. It’s unwarranted. And their continually providing cover for bigotry leaves me with nothing but contempt for Griggs and her cohorts.

  4. One article described Coulter as a comedian, which I don’t think it true. She’s a political commentator who tries to be funny. Personally, I don’t think it works and most of the time she just comes off as angry and mean.

  5. Sorry to chime in late, I have been a bit preoccuppied with family events this weekend.

    Coulter’s comment is what I like to call narcissistic disgust, and as often used as a tool to marginalize. If I can create the feeling of disgust in the listener early, then they will stop thinking and identify immediately with my assessment. Related to this is the common activity of pack animals to identify with the aggressor (in dogs, the alpha male). Aggressive, ruthless acts activate a strong conciliatory and conflict avoidant response to appease the aggressor.

  6. As someone who usually applauds her antics this time my heart sank. Uggh… She crossed the line AND THEN SOME! I don’t know what she was trying to get at. Edwards is a slimy ambulance chaser, and thats where she should have left it.

    Timothy is correct, she did a huge disservice to conservatives.

  7. From the sound of the video (the quality of the link here is not as good as others I’ve seen) there were a few gasps and moans even in the CPAC audience.

    As for Coulter doing a disservice to conservatives, isn’t that her schtick–to say “out there,” shocking things? Was this really more outrageous (or less funny) than her suggesting that a supreme court justice should be poisoned, or that members of congress be assasinated?

    I’m impressed that Hewitt and other influential conservative voices are finally growing tired of Coulter’s embarassing nonsense. It’s kind of fascinating that this is the comment that “crossed the line” for so many. I can’t help but wonder if it’s a good sign (that anti-gay slurs are beyond the pale) or a bad sign (that joking about someone being gay is considered worse than joking about killing them)?

  8. I can’t imagine ANY other crowd other than CPAC who would applaud the statement. Your average conservative crowd, say a Republican convention, would probably draw more gasps than applause.

    Most people just aren’t motivated by hatred. Coulter did a real disservice to those who call themselves “conservative”.

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