Montel Williams Show to again focus on sexual orientation

Tomorrow Alan Chambers joins a guest panel to discuss homosexuality on the The Montel Williams Show. The show will also feature Tom and Donna Cole, former homosexuals who have a ministry to Christians struggling with sexual and relational issues. I am pretty sure Richard Cohen may have some role on the program.

This comes from an Exodus News Release. Nothing is on the Montel Williams Show website about the segment as yet.

UPDATE: 2/28/07 – Unless Montel’s website is wrong, the appearance by Alan Chambers is most likely being taped today for later broadcast.

5 thoughts on “Montel Williams Show to again focus on sexual orientation”

  1. The ex-gay movement is little more than a circus sideshow.

    People watch, they laugh, they realize what absolute silliness they are viewing. All it takes is one view of Richard Cohen beating a pillow and talking to his father to make an educated person realize that the ex-gay movement is reaching far beyond logic into a wild world of talkshow fodder and gimmicky antics.

    Real therapists should be ashamed…I know I am when I view that ridiculous bunk.

  2. Edgar,

    Neither Peterson Toscano nor Lance Carroll are screamers. They are both calm, civil and mature individuals. What makes you think there would be screaming, and who specifically would instigate it?

  3. It is a shame they didn’t have you. But they aren’t looking for balanced discussion – just screaming back and forth.

  4. Good question. The email news release I received from Exodus said it would be on tomorrow but I wonder since the website has nothing about it.

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