PFOX revamps website

Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-gays has revamped their website with a more streamlined look. Much of the same content is in place formatted as a series of bulletin boards where it appears comments can be posted. PFOX also has a blog.

A flash video clip of Dr. Robert Spitzer is featured on the front page and loads automatically. I cannot tell from what video the clip is taken but it appears to be edited from a longer produced video. Anyone know from what this is taken? It seems to be a bit sparse to be included on the site without context. If you do not know who Dr. Spitzer is, then it won’t make much sense to you. If you know what Dr. Spitzer believes (change occurs but it is quite rare), then it will seem plucked out of context. I have a lengthy interview with Dr. Spitzer (pdf file opens in this window) where he covers the same ground in great detail.

Wayne Besen has a more recent clip of Bob Spitzer saying essentially the same thing he always does about his work although here he says he is not happy with how he believes Focus on the Family has used his study. I do not know what he is referring to exactly as he only mentions that he was unhappy that his broadcast with Dr. Dobson was distributed widely. If anyone has evidence of where Focus has misstated the study, please post it. I cannot recall where they have said more than what he says.

UPDATE: 2/19/07 – I spoke with Bob Spitzer by phone this morning. He does not know from what video the clip on the PFOX website comes. He said he is not a spokesman for PFOX and hopes that they will note a disclaimer on their site that he believes change in sexual orientation is infrequent.

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  1. I have a feeling he’s angry because they didn’t include his caveat that change is rare, despite the study not actually studying this, regardless of how anyone interprets the fact that it took him 18 months to find his subjects, or was it 16? It his interpretation of it – Nothing more, nothing less.

    Perhaps you should complain Dr. Throckmorton that groups like TWO aren’t including the caveat that Spitzer is voicing his own personal interpretation/commentary, and that his study says nothing of the sort? I mean it seriously. Groups like NARTH apparenlty don’t like to do research and like to make claims that aren’t supported by the research (and I partly agree with that by the way). so yeah… Ahem…

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