Church coalition files FCC complaint over suicide of Brent Dugan

David Blakeslee posted in January about Reverend Brent Dugan’s tragic death in Mercer, PA hotel room. Now, a coalition of Pittsburgh area church denominations have filed a complaint with the FCC surrounding the reporting of KDKA – Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted a complete copy of the letter filed by the “Christian Associates, a regional ecumenical association representing 15 Christian denominations.”

I will be adding background and information on this matter as I find it. Local paper, the Sharon Herald filed this report. In November of 2006, the Post-Gazette provided some depth on the KDKA report. The Post-Gazette posted a report of Reverend Dugan’s death on November 4, the same day Ted Haggard was dismissed from New Life Church.

One thought on “Church coalition files FCC complaint over suicide of Brent Dugan”

  1. I don’t see how the FCC can get involved here, although I’m no lawyer so maybe they can.

    I obviously have mixed feelings and draw very different conclusions on the implications behind this tragic story. But I am glad you’re keeping the story alive. It’s a very important one with some very valuable lessons for everyone.

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