Donnies Davies Update

This morning, SOVO covers the ongoing antics of Donnie Davies.

In related news, Donnie Davies has a sweet, new retro look about his websites today. I have exchanged several YouTube grams with Donnie and he continues to insist he is not the “twin” of Mr. Oglesby. In our 1/29/07, unverified WTF report on this blog, we reported the possibility that Mr. Davies and Mr. Oglesby are really twins separated at birth.

In those YouTube grams, Mr. Davies has some interesting things to say about the recent episode and has asked me some interesting questions. I hope to get a statement from him soon.

This from the Love God’s Way website with the “hot new look.”

The Exciting New Look of Love God’s Way

Friends, corporate called me and was concerned about our image. They Blessed our humble Ministry with this hot new look. We hope you will explore. All the attention and new followers has corporate very, very excited. Stay tuned. We have a lot of hot stuff coming down the pipe, including the new Evening Service music video, the C.H.O.P.S. program and a exciting new therapeutic cartoon series.

Corporate? Therapeutic cartoon series? I think I’ll stop now.

UPDATE – 2/3/07 – Joey Oglesby has updated his Myspace blog with this message:

Joey on Donnie Davies

I , joey oglesby, have recently been identified as the fundamentalist preacher and songwriter Donnie Davies. I am very aware of the uncanny similarities in our appearance, including a very unfortunate chicken pox scar in between my eyes. Also, while we are both big fans of lists, his deals with gay bands while mine is a comprehensive list of ladders. However, that is where the similarities end. For instance, my Mom will tell you that I am much skinnier and more handsome than him. Also he can dunk a basketball, where as, I cannot. Although, in interest of full disclosure and to prevent further confusion, I can touch the rim and have a wicked sweet jump shot.

Most importantly though, our messages are vastly different. Donnie’s message seems to be one of hate and intolerance, where as mine, is of love and acceptance. Ultimately, it is my opinion that the message Donnie Davies conveys and the prejudice inherent in it do indeed exist in this world. Although i disagree personally with Pastor Davies, it seems his video has sparked some much needed dialogue. And for that i am grateful. But, it is ultimately the difference in our messages that makes me, Joey Oglesby, and him Donnie Davies, two very different people.

Joey Oglesby

So is this a way of saying: I am not a hater, but I play one on TV?

I guess this WTF exclusive must now be retracted…

UPDATE: 2/7/07 – A new message on the Evening Service website begins to signal where the Donnie Davies saga is heading. God hates everyone…