Donnie Davies 15 minutes of lame

Ok, maybe The Bible Says is going to turn out to be a parody, but it still seems pretty bizarre. I wrote Donnie Davies earlier in the day and asked:

“I cannot tell if you mean your song as a parody or not. Could you please explain?”

He wrote back and said

No, no Sir. We’re very serious. We made the video for serious reasons. Some people seem to think it is funny. I guess we can understand that but what’s been happening in this country isn’t funny unless you have a really dark sense of humor.

If have to have people in authority, we think they have to be trustworthy and honest. We hate what homosexuals liar like Ted Haggard, John Paulk and Mark Foley are doing. We hope that our song can help just a little bit to run sick creeps like that out of town on a rail. We hope people will learn that they can’t trust people so easily.

I attempted to post a video response to his video but I doubt he will post it.

UPDATE: At about 8:25pm, The Bible Says has been removed from YouTube with this statement: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.” The other “Love God’s Way” introductory video remains up. But you can still see it at Google video.

Mr. Davies has a new video on YouTube which says God Hates Censorship and lists the two websites.

UPDATE: 1/24/07 – Andrew Sullivan thinks it is satire. Truth is, no one knows but Mr. Davies and his band mates, and they aren’t talking.

Except here, Mr. Davies has issued a comment on his MySpace blog about YouTube:

Video on MySpace

Well friends, YouTube took down the video that Evening Service and I have worked so hard on. I don’t know what hurts more; being censored because of my message or people making fun of my weight. Hopefully MySpace believes in freedom of expression more than Google does. Maybe China isn’t the only country Google is censoring. 😉

Spread the Word

Keep the Faith

Donnie D.

ps. If any of ya’ll post the video anywhere else please tell us!

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UPDATE: The mystery revealed!!!

8 thoughts on “Donnie Davies 15 minutes of lame”

  1. His latest video appears to be in Texas but I agree he has hidden well.

    Age? Looks like early 30s to me.

    BTW, he has been removed from MySpace completely now. His band remains for the time being.

  2. This is either a hoax or parody similar to or a Fred Phelp’s wantabe. My vote is Donnie is a hoax. The tip off that this is a hoax is this quote found on every page of Love God’s Way:

    “Suffering is one very long moment. We cannot divide it by seasons. We can only record its moods, and chronicle their return. With us time itself does not progress. It revolves. It seems to circle round one centre of pain.”

    –Oscar Wilde (reformed homosexual)

    Oscar Wilde, as any good biography records never publicly recanted his homosexuality.

    The next tip off is the registration information for

    There is no valid reason for any ministry located in Houston, Texas to register their Internet site through Domains by Proxy with a Scottsdale, Arizona mailing address unless they are not a valid ministry and have something to hide. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) the registered owner of is Domains by Proxy. The third tip off is Donnie’s email address, which is a free Google throw away gmail account.

    Donnie (if that is his real name) has taken extreme measures to hide his identity as well as his physical location.

  3. How old do you think Donnie is? I checked the TX driver’s license database and there is no D Davies that lives anywhere near Houston born after 1960. My vote is hoax.

  4. You can still see the video on my site. It is of course an elaborate gag that highlights the sorry state of the Christian church if you ask me because LOTS of people think it’s for real. I too have chatted to ‘Donnie’ who only gives interviews as Donnie, rather like Borat only gives interviews as Borat.

  5. It was YouTube that removed it and I assume for hatred toward a group of people.

    I am spending way too much time following this thing. It is either stunningly hateful or stunningly well done. And one indicator is how many people are throwing up their hands and saying, I dunno!

    One thing today that made me think it might be a hoax is the fact that I cannot find any history of the band The Evening Service. Their website says they have been together in the Houston area for a long time and they do not show up on the Internet anywhere that I can find. Indie bands tend to promote on the net and I see nothing from them.

    Point for the parody theory.

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