Top ten posts, by number of comments, 2006

I am working on a post summarizing the highlights for the year and in so doing reviewed the number of comments each post received. And here they are:

Top ten posts with number of comments in parentheses:

1. Alan Colmes radio show: Wayne Besen vs. Richard Cohen (76)

2. Ex-ex-gay? (53)

3. Big day at the NEA convention in Orlando (52)

4. Australian TV documentary about gay conversion (50)

5. Michael Bussee speaks out about Exodus (49)

6. I am not a reparative therapist (48)

7. LA Times reports on NARTH Schoenewolf controversies (42)

8. CNN segment involving Richard Cohen (39)

9. APA President speaks about a clients right to self-determination (38)

10. Mental health status and homosexuality (37)