Sexual orientation hardwired according to WorldNetDaily columnist – The Soy Agenda, Part 3

So now it is settled. When WorldNetDaily comes into the biological determinism camp, can the entire conservative world be far behind? Anti-soy crusader, Jim Rutz, writing in his WND column this morning says this:

No study says that soy dooms a child to homosexuality, but it’s not hard to believe that at some point during pregnancy babies are hardwired for sexual preference. (See the Psychological Medicine article in endnote 27 below.)

8 thoughts on “Sexual orientation hardwired according to WorldNetDaily columnist – The Soy Agenda, Part 3”

  1. Just be careful that it isn’t salt with soy additives. They’re in all packaged food, you know. 😉

    While at present I fall into the (at least partially) biological determinism camp and it’s nice to see a conservative writer acknowledge what seems to me to be obvious based on current research, I’d prefer it were someone rational.


  2. Ivan – If I can find it, I will comment on it. Being that the article is nearly 17 years old, I doubt it counts as a state of the art reference. As an aside, many of his research references are at least 10 years old. He picks one negative finding out of 30 on at least one occasion and counts health food websites as references.

    Which leads to my quick agreement with my friend Byron. Mr. Rutz is saltless as far as I am concerned.

  3. Can you comment on the piece referenced by Rutz?

    Harrison PJ, Everall IP et al. Is homosexuality hardwired? Sexual orientation and brain structure. Psych Med, 1994, 24, 811-16.


  4. CK – Your brain is hurting probably from too many soy products. It is everywhere, you know. The air you breathe, the water…

    But I am confused too.

    Soy as infant = loyal to best friends

    No soy as infant = strings of sexual conquests

    Maybe that is one of Jim Rutz’s Megashifts.

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