Straight into gay America: Respectful conversations

There is an interesting conversation happening over at the “Straight into gay America” blog. Host, pastor/author Lars Clausen has invited pastor/author (Understanding Homosexuality) Dave Glesne to discuss various aspects of Rev. Glesne’s book. They cover much of the same ground that we cover here on this blog, including reparative therapy, use of the term — “gay lifestyle,” and causation of same sex attractions. I plan to join in the conversation as time permits.

2 thoughts on “Straight into gay America: Respectful conversations”

  1. Warren, thanks for checking in on the conversation Dave Glesne and I are having. I’m finding it useful for two reasons – first is the process of trying to dialogue from very different starting postions–second is the quality of comments from blog readers. I’m learning lots. Thanks,

    All best,

  2. I’m a bit concerned that David Glesne appears to rely so heavily on Jay and Young’s “The Gay Report” (He repeats his endorsement of that “report” several times in the blog.) Anyone who considers it a worthy source is very suspect, IMO.

    I wrote about “The Gay Report” here.

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