Dr. Spitzer on YouTube

I have posted this before but am doing so because I finally uploaded it to YouTube. I wanted to see how this feature works. If you have seen Dr. Spitzer’s interview, there is nothing new here.


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  1. The study requested that therapists solicit clients to respond to a survey developed by Dr. Karten. Bias is potentially introduced by the clients selected by the therapists and the therapists who were in the study. Further, the study favored therapists who made their aim reorientation, instead of those who work toward sexual identity integration. There is no way to tell how these results could be generalized since we do not know anything about the theoretical or practice base of the therapists involved. The sample was small and non-representative and there was no follow-up. However, these things are true for all research like this, including my own. I mention it because the study cannot be generalized very far. So to say SSA remits due to certain interventions assumes that all SSA is alike, a very questionable assumption.

  2. It cannot be said to be a contination of the Spitzer study. It did not use the same methods nor was it as extensive as that study. The study’s limitations far outweigh any conclusions that can be drawn. More later…

  3. What are your thougts on this study done as a continuation of the Spitzer study?


    The author argues that those who are successful at changing tend to be those who address gender identity issues, as opposed to parent-child bonding issues (which is the old Freudian thought).


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