Palm Springs Unity Rally Website Gets It Wrong

The Unity Rally website refers to my entry below about Dr. Schoenewolf’s article on political correctness but misrepresents me and the relationship (as I understand it) between NARTH and Focus on the Family.

The website attempts to link the article by Dr. Schoenewolf with Focus on the Family by claiming that “Love Won Out, NARTH (the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality), and Exodus are all intertwined with Focus on Family.” The truth is that LWO is a ministry of FOTF but Exodus and NARTH are not a part of FOTF. They are separate organizations.

It is unfair to expect FOTF to answer for the content of NARTH’s website (which is where the Schoenewolf article is located) and yet this is what is suggested by the Unity Rally website.

Another claim from the Unity Rally website: “One of their own speaks out against the article justifying and condoning slavery. Dr. Warren Throckmorton, a proponent of gay conversion therapy, openly criticizes NARTH’s publication of this article on his blog.”

My response: 1) I am not a NARTH member and 2) I am not a gay conversion therapist. However, I do support the right of clients to pursue a valued sexual identity which may include assistance in addressing unvalued sexual attractions in their therapy.

My post below was a very singular critique of Dr. Schoenewolf’s article. It is an error, in my opinion, to associate this article on the NARTH website with FOTF. Furthermore, I fully support FOTF and LWO’s efforts to articulate a conservative Christian view of sexual ethics.