A Boy and His Princess Obsession

Marguerite Kelly is an advice columnist for the Washington Post. I don’t read much advice but this one caught my eye.

I take real exception to her statements about the hypothalamus.

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  1. “It certainly has more “proof” than notions about football being a preventative of some sort.”

    You’ll get no argument from me on that one.

    My quarrel of course is with the smug recitation of made up “facts.” And lest you say, well what about your side? I suspect you know I would agree.

    If she had said, make the kid shoot guns and watch Ninja Turtles, I would have written the Post.

  2. Warren,

    “I can’t figure this out. Size does or doesn’t matter?”

    Surely that wasn’t an innocent question. (and the honest answer from gay, straight, male, female is YOU BET SIZE MATTERS – but it isn’t everything)

    But as for hypothalamus, I think the jury may still be out. Granted the human hypothalamus study had major flaws (all AIDS patients, all adults, no good way to determine orientation of test group), but on the other hand the ram studies do seem to confirm the theory.

    So while the hypothalamus thing isn’t a given, it’s not exactly an offensive assumption and isn’t based on wild guesswork or just media hype. It certainly has more “proof” than notions about football being a preventative of some sort.

  3. Jim: I can’t figure this out. Size does or doesn’t matter? I guess according to Ms. Kelly, it does.

    Ed: The Wonder of Boys will not get my $14.

    Grantdale: You and Scott need to write Ms. Kelly and offer the sage advice. The parents were looking for some help with balance, it seems to me. And the boy needs some. On so many levels, she just went on a tangent and missed the practical matters.

    I have written the Post with no reply. Facts, what facts?

  4. Hmmm, one almost wants to wonder… now, just where did that child get their obssessive nature from???

    (pointing finger at a parent)

    I have no idea what label the boy will feel most comfortable with as an adult, but I have a feeling the Disney marketing department already has one suitable… “indiscriminate consumer”.

    Have the parents simply tried saying:

    “Nope, that’s more than enough. I’m not buying any more Disney c$$p!”???

    Works for us.

  5. I take exception to her hypothalamus remark as well. I think the size of my hypothalamus is not only none of her business, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of either.

    Besides, it’s all in how you use it.

  6. I always get a kick out of enlightened statistics like these. I mean, really…I’ve known hundreds of males, both gay and straight, over the years…and I don’t know one who has had his hypothalamus examined. Sure, maybe it’s something you don’t tell everyone but I think they’d have felt safe in telling me.

    And, since I don’t have any children, I’m not too eager to plunk down $14 to read “The Wonder of Boys”. Dr. T, perhaps you should add this book to your library and see what other ‘mysteries’ it explains.

    On a more serious note, it may just be childhood fantasy minus the violent aspect that usually accompanies the male imagery. Even “little Jackie Paper” of Puff the Magic Dragon fame enjoyed striking fear in the hearts of pirates…maybe this is just a very peace-loving kid.

  7. Ah…Poor little kid! I could have been him, only my obsession was with hula dancing and anything tropical. I used to tear up an old sheet into strips and dance around the house singing along with a record “Mary Ann, oh, Mary Ann, oh won’t you marry me? We could have a bamboo hut with brandy in the tea…”

    Mom and Dad (especially Dad) were mortified. Luckily, they didn’t tease or declare a hula-free zone. Dad gently directed me to a wider range of activities: camping, biking, chemistry, baseball, astronomy, go-cart building and carpentry.

    I turned out gay anyway. I don’t care much for the hula or brandy and I don’t wear skirts. But I still favor the tropics, music, and all the things my Dad taught me… 🙂

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