8 thoughts on “Pluto now an ex-planet says the IAU”

  1. I guess planets can change!

    Dr T, some might think you are making light of ex-gays. As an ex-gay myself, I see the humor in this. And see the humor in the whole controversy about the term ex-gay. We are just people trying to live out our beliefs, failing sometimes, succeeding more often.

  2. NEWS FLASH: Alan Chambers has just announced that the term “ex-planet” should be done away with entirely and never used again.

    Joe Dallas prefers “a heavenly body with planetary tendencies that would rather not have those tendencies”, but he admits that “ex-planet” rolls of his tongue easier.

  3. Did the poor lad ever have any hope — what with his dominating mother, Sun, and all?

    Ahh, labels. One moment you’re a blob orbiting around and called “planet”. The next moment you’re still a blob orbiting around but now “formerly identified”.

    See — Change Is Possible!

    (How does one have a hugging session with a planet? More the point, where can one buy a couch large enough???)

  4. I would just like to say that I support Pluto’s right to be an “ex-planet”. Or would that be “post-planet”? Maybe “Formerly Planet Identified”? I don’t know. It’s all so confusing…

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