6 thoughts on “NARTH has a blog”

  1. “..you will ALWAYS find that people who identify as liberals…”

    Anyone familiar with exgaywatch is laughing at that. Several of the XGW authors (me, for example) never identify as a “liberal”.

    But I do think that ab would feel more at home at NARTH.

    Timothy Kincaid

  2. As I said, it will indeed be interesting to see whether NARTH behave in a better way than exgay watch did. Will they, for instance, violate their own posting guidelines or adminster them in an arbitrary fashion? This was what David Roberts did when he engaged in some baseless speculation about my motives, disregarding exgay watch’s rule not to do that.

    When I pointed out that rule to him, Roberts claimed my motives didn’t matter. If my motives were not important, why even mention them?


  3. Actually ab, you’ve got yourself “banned” — if that’s what you wish to call it — because of your long standing habit of misrepresenting people’s real viewpoints by selective quotation. While that sort of behaviour is encouraged in some forums, it’s not welcome at XGW. It’s disreputable.

    Something to consider: I doubt there’s been a single occassion that any of the “regulars” have agreed with Warren Throckmorton, as such, except on some specifics, and he’s not banned. Nor is Alan Chambers etc. Kind of makes one wonder…

    But feel free to cut-and-paste the “unconvincing reasons” if you wish. Let people make their own minds up?

    Anyway, I’m sure the NARTH blog will be exactly like the NARTH site; or the Exodus blog — a complete absence of any positive or neutral viewpoints. They’re an anti-gay lobby group, afterall, not a research body.

    Wouldn’t want to upset that “hope for change”, or the reason many seek to change, would we now.

  4. Anon – Unless you know Wayne, I would refrain from judgment. He is a hyperbole champ but this need not result from unmet needs. I try to avoid blanket judgments about people seeings how I am pretty fallible myself 🙂

  5. I don’t see why not…you will ALWAYS find that people who identify as liberals can never find any substance underwhich to support their beliefs, and absent that they rail away, oft repeating nonsensical “concepts” many of whihc have been long ago discredited. No doubt they banned you for the simple reason they cannot, using reason do anything else….they are very predictable, just as Besen is. It’s amazing to watch him, as he is the posterboy for unmet needs and the rage in him betrays this at almst every turn….it’s sad, he has a mind that has potential, but until he is free of his personal challenges and can accept reason he will forever be the way he is, rage seething away at the world….a textbook case if there ever was one..and sad to watch..so much potential wasted.

  6. This is interesting. I wonder if NARTH will prove more tolerant in accepting different opinions than exgay watch, who’ve lately banned me, and given some fairly unconvincing reasons for doing it.


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