American Family Radio Two Part series on PFOX

Today, American Family Radio is broadcasting Part One of a two part series regarding the recent issues with PFOX and Richard Cohen’s appearance on CNN. I think to be fair, tomorrow’s segment will give Richard a chance to reply.

UPDATE: Part 2 of the PFOX/Cohen story came are here and here today.

UPDATE #2 – The print article derived from Jim Brown’s reporting is here.

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9 thoughts on “American Family Radio Two Part series on PFOX”

  1. BTW, Regarding the piece on this radio program about the boy who was beaten up at school:
    “school officials say the children involve have admitted that the childhood skirmish was ‘over where students would sit in the cafeteria and then spilled onto the playground.’ ”
    Here again, we get a glimpse of how the right likes to make assumptions or skew a story to benefit their political agenda

    – Steve

  2. Steve:

    I will be posting something about the Spitzer component of that story soon. I interviewed him in 2004 and he speaks to the issue of depression and suicide in that interview. I have also emailed him for a clarification.

  3. Dr. Throckmorton,

    Why don’t you publish how, in less than a week, Focus on the Family has taken the results of two seperate studies out of context to support their political agenda. Dr. Robert Spitzer and Canadian researcher Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc, the authors of these studies are the ones criticizing Focus on the Family, not some disconnected liberal group. More proof that these conservative Evangelical groups don’t ultimately care about gay people, just undermining the gay community. If their motivation was geniune love, then we wouldn’t see such constant anti-gay rhetoric from such groups.


  4. Ivan,

    If you had read my second post you would have seen that the word “research” was a typo.

    I agree, being effeminate doesn’t always mean anything, but ex-gay or not – Richard is just plain, for lack of a better word, freaky!

  5. Anonymous:

    Richard doesn’t do any “research”, and being effeminate isn’t really a sign of where a person is holding on the Kinsey scale. I know many very effeminate straight guys, and I know many masculine gay guys. It really is not a yard-stick to judge such a thing.


  6. Oh man – that is the most biased news station I’ve ever listened to. That segment on the child getting beaten up was so one-sided I finally decided to ignore everything else. I mean, c’mon! First, there is no proof that the kid was beaten up because of his father’s beliefs about gay people – although the piece would almost have you believe that, second, if a white child were beaten up by black kids because his father was a white supremacist, would the radio jockey have treated the story the same way???? I have to wonder. Of course its not ok that the kid was beaten up, but do gay kids suffer more emotional and physical attacks than the general population – Yes, they do! As do most minorities.

  7. My mistake – I said “research methods”, when what I really meant were therapeutic methods! 🙂

  8. I am sorry, Richard seems like a great guy, but he is the most effeminate, gay-acting person I’ve ever seen, and his research methods are, at best, questionable, if not downright odd!

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