www.truthwinsout.shh – TWO

Strange thing about Wayne Besen’s Truth Wins Out website; you can’t get to it without a password. I’ll bet he just forgot to send me mine.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The website is active now and Wayne’s favorite therapist is on the front page. I suspect many thoughtful gay folk will be uncomfortable with TWO (the loneliest number since the number ONE). I think the most offensive aspect of it is this point from his 10 point program for ridding the world of ex-gay ministries: “TWO will verify credible information and potentially create devastating consequences for the future of the ex-gay ministries. Indeed, a limited ad campaign inquiring about such leads coupled with a hotline would likely yield results. We have uncovered major scandals with no formal mechanism for doing so. Imagine the potential for success if we address this issue with a laser-like focus.”

An ex-gay hotline? I-800-Gotcha!