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Strange thing about Wayne Besen’s Truth Wins Out website; you can’t get to it without a password. I’ll bet he just forgot to send me mine.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The website is active now and Wayne’s favorite therapist is on the front page. I suspect many thoughtful gay folk will be uncomfortable with TWO (the loneliest number since the number ONE). I think the most offensive aspect of it is this point from his 10 point program for ridding the world of ex-gay ministries: “TWO will verify credible information and potentially create devastating consequences for the future of the ex-gay ministries. Indeed, a limited ad campaign inquiring about such leads coupled with a hotline would likely yield results. We have uncovered major scandals with no formal mechanism for doing so. Imagine the potential for success if we address this issue with a laser-like focus.”

An ex-gay hotline? I-800-Gotcha!

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  1. I’m so happy to finally see a group bring to light all the dirty little secrets behind the ex-gay movement. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read of so-called ex-gay people who truly believed their same-sex feelings had been cured by God or therapy, only to find themselves in bed with someone of the same sex years down the road. Ex-gay is such a misnomer!!!!

  2. Actually, Besen only mentioned the “12 full time” staff at Exodus.

    Robert Knight countered with the “85” at the HRC. Some of these, I presume are accountants.

    Knight neglected to mention the other 135 people (or whatever it is now) running Exodus Ministries.

    Plus those at Focus on the Family. Plus, say, Warren Throckmorton at Grove City (admit, part time). Plus NARTH. Plus himself, a concerned man, working for CWFA.

    Etc. Etc.

  3. “small dedicated staff”
    – Bob Knight’s laudatory description of ex-gay groups, in his CWA online audio commentary on TWO.

    But Wayne is to be administered your sarcastic and rather un-Christian put downs for having a similar small team.

  4. Again, more sarcasm directed at Wayne for launching his effort with anywhere from one to a handful on his team.

    I get it: social conservatives believe it’s ok to annoint yourself teacher and run a school in your house, but it’s something to ridicule if a non-profit’s beginnings are similarly humble.

    I support what Wayne is doing fully. As a Christian, I support him. As someone who tried to pray until the gay went away, and it didn’t, I support Wayne. As someone who woke up one day and realized I should stop chasing a man-made version of what God wanted, and instead realized that God wanted me as he created me, I support Wayne.

  5. J – I think you should join up with Wayne – you have his flare for rhetoric.

    Have you never heard the Three Dog Night tune – One?

    Actually, that would have been a clever intent, if only I had it.

  6. I’d also like to ask the good Doctor about the following comment of his: “gay folk will be uncomfortable with TWO (the loneliest number since the number ONE).”

    It appears to be a sarcastic, and rather un-Christian, swipe that Wayne Besen is launching his group on his own (although, from the look of things, the website, a costly launch at the National Press Club, he appears to have at least a small team helping him).

    I find it interesting that social conservatives, who advocate home schooling, would have a problem with home businesses or home-based non-profit beginnings.

    Were all conservative religious groups launched with staff and offices at first?

  7. Warren, as that quote from Besen is contained within a section titled “Exposing Fraud” I’m struggling to see how you could think that would be the “most offensive” to you.

    Are you suggesting that exposing fraud is an offensive thing to do?

    Would knowingly permitting a fruadulent organisation to continue be the “inoffensive” thing to do?

    Whether Besen succeeds in his efforts is another matter (as is whether many exgays will even care if frauds are exposed. Past experience is that a fraud would simply vanish, to be replaced by a new person making the same old claim). But that seems a rather bewildering stance for you to take.

    Surely — in a perfect world — exgay groups and yourself whould be equally willing to expose fraud?

  8. Why would gay people have problems with a group that counter’s a movement that disparages them?

    Why would it be a bad idea for a group to expose frauds among their oponents?

    I just don’t agree with your doubts on those two scores.

    Wayne’s done a pretty good job with the “gotcha” approach so far, actually.

    I know Wayne. Trust me, so called “ex gays” are in trouble.

  9. Grantdale:

    It says the organization will launch, not the website. The website or *a* website is actually a good medium to advertise for an upcoming event.


  10. Actually Steve has already picked up on what I thought.

    The site is meant to launch 7 June, per the press release. I simply assumed it’s locked out until then, rather than thinking Wayne Besen doesn’t want us there…

  11. Hey Warren…

    Obviously it’s not good form to publish a domain name for a site which doesn’t exist yet, but it’s also not unusual to password-protect a new site while designing, prototyping, and testing.

    Snarkiness aside, I’m sure you got the point about an organization being formed, not a website, eh?

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