Vote: Should the music stay or go?

In the left hand column there is a little mp3 player providing some instrumental music when you load this page. Some people seem to like it and some don’t. So I am taking a vote. Should the music stay or go? Leave me your vote in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Vote: Should the music stay or go?”

  1. yes…good solution…cause…the reason i like it is becasue it gives me another little peice of who “you” really are…ya know? music can do that for us. and you’re cool, musically, as far as i’m concerned. 😉
    if i’m surfing after tdub has called it a night…i just hit the mute button and keep going…
    but your solution is best!

  2. Alright, these and emailed comments have demonstrated a consensus: Keep the music player but do not have it autostart.

    It is done.

  3. I’m on dialup. I recommend not playing the music.

    Besides, it’s a really bad giveaway whenever someone visits your site from work. (Who, me?)

  4. It’s not an issue, ever since we noticed the off switch.

    Don’t care for imposed bandwith hogs on any site, particularly one you come to read. Thankfully there’s none of those gawdawful spinning gifs and dancing bunnies.

    And perhaps it is about time you wrote another song like the one that anonymous likes better. C’mon… you know the one 🙂
    It goes like daboom-shh-boom-da-a-la-la-da boom…

  5. I like it, fine. Although there is another song I like better but I don’t know what it is called.

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