CNN to air segment on reparative therapy Monday, May 22.

CNN is set to air a segment regarding reparative therapy on Monday night, May 22, some time between 8-9pm. It will be during the Paula Zahn Show. The segment includes interviews with Richard Cohen, one of Cohen’s clients, Robert Spitzer and Jack Drescher.

One thought on “CNN to air segment on reparative therapy Monday, May 22.”

  1. Well…aside from Rich Cohen, I’d say that Spitzer and Drescher agree on most things. Both agree that sexual orientation can change in a minority of people (Drescher himself has been quoted on this website several times), and both believe that people should not be discriminated because of their sexual orientation.

    As for reparative therapy, Spitzer may feel that therapy can be potentially helpful to people, whereas Drescher sees it as inevitably harmful if one does not choose revel in the entirety of one’s homo-impulses.

    I will be watching.

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