In tribute to two friends: Karen Danielson & Mike Price

I am saddened today by the recent loss of two friends: Karen Danielson and Mike Price. Karen died suddenly (May 10) as did Mike (May 11), within a day of each other.

Karen was Health Services Director for the college. As such, I worked along side Karen every school day for 11 years while I was Director of Counseling. She was still vital and full of energy until a stroke took her. She and I worked on diverse creative projects simultaneously: she wrote and published a cookbook and I produced my music CD, and the video, I Do Exist. Although we were an odd pair I think, we supported each other through the details of creating something from nothing.

My former secretary Polly Witherup, said about Karen “she could make a dead dog taste good.” And Polly was right. Karen was always whipping up something really tasty in the Zerbe Health Center’s kitchen. When I could get a minute free at lunch, I often shamelessly begged for food at the kitchen door. I never went away hungry. I will miss Karen.

Mike was a professor of English here. We were not close friends but I liked him immensely. He proofed several things for me, including most recently, a chapter of a book I am working on. He was amazing at his craft.

He also was a rocker and tomorrow in honor of Mike, and at the request of his wife, I will be wearing my black tee shirt sporting appliques of about 20 electric guitars to the funeral. Several of us who play will be wearing this gear.

Rock on, Mike.

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  1. i feel like i lost a friend, although i only knew karen danielson as a tv personality and local resident–when i caught her on the county market program i watched it to hear her interact and admired how kindly she spoke to all, as well as enjoying her enthusiasm for cooking and eating-she left more than she took and for this reason, i mourn her loss and pray for the repose of her soul and comfort for her loving family, for they shared the best of what she gave to us all, amen

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