2 thoughts on “Lesbians and pheromones, Part 3. Healthday.com article”

  1. I do get a little weary of addressing the fact that everyone has assumptions. I don’t know to address your question what would be needed. Certainly self-report isn’t enough. I really don’t care how much or if they change feelings at all. I am interested in how people choose a valued path despite feelings to the contrary.

  2. Interesting that the author of the study had to throw in that bit about whether change was possible (“we have no evidence, but we suppose it wouldn’t work”).

    Indeed, she has no evidence.

    Warren, answer this question: what kind of evidence would gay activists need? Because anything that points to the contrary of their preconcieved notions will promptly be explained away. On the other hand, unrelated studies, like this one, are promptly used to help support a conclusion that being gay is inborn, when in fact the author of the study makes no such assumption.

    Either way, nothing will satisfy the activists until they have their way, in its gay entirety.

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