PFOX evicted from the Virginia School Counselors Association Conference

Thursday, March 30, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays) was evicted from the Virginia Schools Counselors Association annual convention. They had applied for, paid for, and received permission to exhibit at the conference. While setting up their booth, several members of the VASC leadership, including current president Tammy Davis, and past-president Carol Kaffenberger, requested to meet Regina Griggs, PFOX director. The school counselors objected to some materials on their table and said PFOX would have to leave. After some discussion, the school counselors said the bullying brochure (most of which, I wrote) and the PFOX teen brochure were ok. However, the PFOX representatives were still asked to leave since offering only two brochures would not be worth their time. At that point, the hotel staff intervened and demanded that the PFOX people leave. One of the staff began to dismantle the table and the police were called. The two grandmothers (Regina and Retta Brown) were not hauled out by the authorities since they decided to leave.

I have emailed the VSCA officers to confirm this event and will post their replies. This amazes me. PFOX was invited to come to exhibit and then when they arrived, they were promptly evicted. PFOX was willing to take away anything that seemed offensive (they had a copy of one of Nicolosi’s books that they put away and a story of a trangendered person who warns about surgery) but they were still ushered out.

UPDATE: Dr. Tammy Davis emailed to say that she would be providing a comment about the incident sometime later today or this evening. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “PFOX evicted from the Virginia School Counselors Association Conference”

  1. I do not know what brochures you read but the bullying brochure that was disallowed does specify that all children should be protected including those who believe they are or are perceived to be gay. PFOX removed the materials that the school counselors were offended by. A person is only gay if he identifies as gay. At least this is my belief. I make a distinction between experiences of same sex attraction and being gay.

  2. I read the brochures on PFOX website. Advocating the safety of all children…? That’s some good spin you have there. So a man with same-sex attraction is only a homosexual if he labels himself a homosexual. Is this the kind of counseling that you give? You have a lot of definitions to change in dictionaries before your new definition is accepted. Do you have am money back guarantee on your counseling? Do you know what ethics are? Are you simply in this for name recognition or are you profiteering? Do you realize that the position of PFOX is as credible as Intelligent Design is. Its only to confuse the issue and attempt to slow down the progress of gays achieving a status as non-outcasts in society.

  3. I suppose one might say PFLAG exists to confuse the issue. No voodoo brochures on site; just brochures advocating the safety of all children and caution in engaging in sex. Real radical stuff. Besides the school counselors knew they were coming and were bullied by some vocal members on site.

  4. As long as the material does not state that Christianity is the only way to grow away from homosexuality – what’s the big deal? Or that any material does not speak of homosexuality in a negative way.

  5. Should PFOX present material? No. PFOX exists only to confuse the entire issue. Should a group be allowed to present material to lite skinned blacks on how they can pass as whites or latinos? Of course not. Credible organizations don’t support the views of PFOX. Should we allow groups supporting voodoo to setup tables and tell students how their practices an help them to excel at their studies? Dr Throckmorton might think so, but people not guided by mysticism would disagree.

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