7 thoughts on “Diversity Day Cancelled”

  1. Of course it’s likely that if an ex-gay speaker had come he would have been booed off the stage (but not by me, despite whatever you may infer… 🙂

  2. If there is going to be a forum saying that conservative views of morality are wrong

    Well, then you ain’t been paying attention either! I don’t think such moralising has any place in a school. Some students may express their opinions, but I wouldn’t be giving them a stage and a megaphone; and they still need to be reflective and respectful. I certainly would not be having teachers deliver a moralistic message.

    I did, BTW, use “”anyone”” delib. and not plain “anyone” because I know what you’ve said. I do pay attention, even when it appears I’m not…

    The wider exgay message — and we’ve banged on about this before — is never “Oh, some, a small number, we suspect few, don’t know who, or when, or how, may jump the fence. But cannot tell. Or maybe not.”

    It’s always “You only claim to be gay. You can be heterosexual. Just like me”.

    I take it you were not consulted on the Exodus billboards?

    And homosexuality is neither a “viewpoint” or a “lifestyle”. I don’t even know where to start with such silliness.

    I’ll try.

    Homosexuality is a sexual attraction. What you make of that attraction is another matter. And if you have those attractions, regardless of your viewpoint or your lifestyle… you are left with the fact that you have those attractions.

    Exactly like heterosexuality.

    Get it?

  3. I know you’ve been paying attention so you know I wouldn’t advocate saying: “anyone” can become heterosexual via exgayness?

    If there is going to be a forum saying that conservative views of morality are wrong, then those holding those conservative views should have a chance to specify them accurately. I think likewise (and I know not all on the right agree with me), if a forum is giving to ministers to preach in school, you are bound to let those who disagree or are impacted by their message have a say as well.

    I heard from a conservative recently who said homosexuality is not a viewpoint, but rather a lifestyle. I won’t name names since I am trying to reason with the person. But I wonder then what is a viewpoint?

  4. So… on a day designed to end nastiness toward minorities, you would invite a person who is the nastiness? Just to ensure “balance”? Really??? This applies to Jews et al too?

    At any time, people live as gay or straight. There are no other. There’s only two genders you could be with. That much we know, regardless of where they sit (or quiver) between K0 and K6. Sure, we can all be celibate; but that’s not what we’re talking about.

    Do you think discrimination against heterosexuals needs to be addressed on a diversity day? Is there that need? Because exgays are therefore heterosexual, are they not?

    (examples required, please.)

    And how do you counter, during a non-discrimination message, the overwhelmingly anti-gay message that is the claim that “anyone” can become heterosexual via exgayness?

  5. Well, I would not be opposed to that as long as one perspective was not systematically denied. It wouldn’t do to have an ex-christian, along with every other religion but have no one from a Christian point of view.

    These things take place twice a year I guess so all views would not need to be presented at one time.

    If you had an ex-gay speaker, then it would be fair to have someone who says he/she couldn’t/didn’t want to change.

  6. Who was the “exgay speaker” that they intended to speak? A name would help.

    I presume the person who suggested the exgay speaker also had an exexgay speaker in mind as well?

    And an ex^3gay? Ex^4gay? (ad nauseum)

    This was clearly introduced by someone anti-gay. Is there a place for anti-anyones in a diversity day? I’ve got a few ex-Christians willing to speak… LOUDLY.

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