Equality Ride: Starting a dialogue?

Imagine you’re a liberal democrat and your conservative republican neighbor calls and says, “Hey, we are coming over to your house next Tuesday in order to dialogue with your kids about the benefits of conservativism.” Your neighbors say they will drop in sometime that day and leave a copy of God and George Bush by Paul Kengor; copies of the National Review and some literature from Focus on the Family for your kids to read. While they are there, they plan to strike up conversations with them about the Iraq War, the need to cut entitlement programs and about how abortion is discriminatory to the poor.

How would you respond?

Now read this from the Dallas Voice about Soulforce’s plans to visit Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA:

Members of Soulforce, which is based in Lynchburg, were greeted with cookies when they met with Liberty students on campus last spring to discuss the treatment of gays…

Soulforce has been issued a permit to demonstrate on city property, which Zuidema said would be the sidewalk or street bordering the campus. Soulforce’s goal is to meet with students to discuss freedom of expression, not to have a confrontation, Herrin said. Still, the group will not be turned away, she said. “I’m actually very excited that this is our first stop,” Herrin, a 24-year-old (Equality Rider) from Dallas, said in a telephone interview. “We have to go to these places and start this dialogue.”

So when you reply to your conservative republican neighbors, “no, we had you over here once before and we just don’t see eye-to-eye on these things,” they say “we won’t be turned away, we are going to come into your house whether you like it or not. See you next Tuesday!”

How would you respond?