Miscellaneous for the new week

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is applauding the MassK team for using the F word regarding the Alito nomination. No, I mean filibuster. Can’t the special interest groups wake up and smell the pandering?

That being said, conservatives are pretty nervous. I received some emails today suggesting some moderates are on the fence. One conservative group last week sang a song about Alito in the Capitol to the tune of Maria from West Side Story. I think this could have been what pushed those moderates into the undecided category.

I haven’t written anything more about Brokeback Mounting, uh Mountain, despite lots of emails asking me to. I don’t know, I have to go all the way to Youngstown to see it and I only have one free night this week. Not going to happen. My oldest went to see it last week and she said, a couple (male & female) got up in the middle and the male (of course; you can measure the homophobia here in gigabytes) said loud enough to be heard, “I don’t see how you people can see anything entertaining in this crap!” I read the short story and still don’t see the “love story” angle.

And probably not finally, I was reminded again today that my mood can be delightfully altered within seconds of observing my youngest child having fun at pre-school. I have not mentioned my family much on this blog but let me blushing say that I have the most amazing wife and children.

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  1. I know of people who after the first 10 min of the movie, got up and left and got their money back from the manager!

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