Feliz Navidad or happy holiday if you read only English

This photo indirect from the Tammy Bruce blog via email from Errol Phillips.

Apparently, Lowes doesn’t mind offending Spanish speaking non-Christians. (Navidad means Nativity or Christmas.)


Update: Lowes issued the following statement:
“To ensure consistency of our message and to avoid confusion among our customers, we are now referring to the trees only as ‘Christmas Trees.’ We have also removed a banner that read, ‘Holiday Trees’ from the front of our stores.”

4 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad or happy holiday if you read only English”

  1. My response I received from Lowes. Maybe a few other people compained.

    Thank you for visiting us at http://www.lowes.com.

    Lowe’s has proudly sold Christmas trees in our stores for decades, and we continue to do so this year in all of our stores nationwide. All 49 varieties of live and artificial trees at Lowe’s and on our web site, Lowes.com, are labeled as Christmas trees.

    The product signs inside Lowe’s stores have always said “Christmas trees”, though an outside banner did not. To ensure consistency of our message and to avoid confusion among our customers, we are now referring to the trees only as “Christmas Trees.” We have also removed the banner that read “holiday trees” from the front of our stores.

    Lowe’s apologizes for any confusion the banner created. We appreciate our customers bringing the matter to our attention and giving us the opportunity to correct the error.

    For many retailers, including Lowe’s, the holiday season encompasses all the holidays between October and early January. Thus we adopted an overall “Home for the Holidays” theme five years ago. In addition to spanning the season, we believe this theme is respectful of all our customers, regardless of which holidays they may celebrate.

    If you need any further assistance, you may e-mail us directly at [email protected].


    Lowe’s Customer Care

  2. If this is Tammy Bruce’s idea of the destruction of our culture, God help her when something actually destructive comes along. It’s a phreaking banner.

  3. I wrote Lowes and complained that if they are only going to sell holiday items, I do not celebrate “holiday” so I will take my business elsewhere. The sign should get someone fired.

  4. Personally, “Happy Holiday” always sounds like someone’s trying too hard. Personally, I say Happy Christmas. Or rather, Happy Xmas (not wishing to bring down the wrath of g_d on my head by daring to write the name — hence the old tradition of using of “X”).

    But then, I’m still p’d off that Christians STOLE the festival for the winter solstice. Yep, the 25th Dec marked the end of a pagan festival in mid-winter. Ever wonder why we drag GREEN TREES into our house???

    And according to my Spanish friends — the Christ Mass is not even the major festival for them… looming over their celebration of Epiphany, they will attempt to set fire to church with an insurance-testing Candlemass (which, itself is a bit of a rip-off of the Jewish Feast of Lights).

    Fortunately, or at times very UNfortunately, we all have one thing in common — finding enough willpower to eat an absurd amount of food during the period.

    And next year, following our family tradition every 5th year, Xmas is ignored and we all gather on the 25th to instead celebrate Mum’s birthday. Anybody over 10 who mentions “Happy Xmas” on the day is voted a strenuous physical exercise as punishment. Sit-ups AFTER lunch are, I’m sure, banned by the Geneva Convention (but not, I’m equally sure, therefore at Guantanamo)

    Why we still have to give presents to all the children on their grandmother’s birthday… that’d be one of life’s little mysteries 🙂

    I hope y’all enjoyed your annual turkey massacre. Hope none suffered this revolting phenomenon

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