Love Won Out Controversy

I found the article in the Bay Windows newspaper interesting. There were apparently lots of protestors including the anti-war folks. I found the author’s candor refreshing regarding the fear he felt at the sight of the protestors. There are some other aspects of the article I am looking into. If Joe Nicolosi really made the “joke” about the boy cracking his head, I would be offended at that and worried that some parents would take all that stuff literally. This paragraph made me cringe:

One such joke came at the end of a discussion about what he sees as an essential lesson that fathers teach sons: that danger can be fun. He said fathers begin to teach that lesson by tossing their infant sons into the air and catching them, to help build up their courage (never mind that plenty of mothers play this game as well, and plenty of parents play it with their daughters). He followed this discussion by saying, “Even if the father drops his kid and cracks his head a little bit, at least he’ll be straight,” a line that generated thunderous laughter from the audience.

Infants!? I hope he did not say infants. Toddlers sure, but infants? Please not infants.

Michael Jackson’s kids will be straighter than straight then. If tossing them kids around is good, then dangling them from balconies must be better.

I do agree that danger can be fun. All my kids think so, and nary a one was tossed or dangled or sent out in the woods in a sweathouse. I think I will stop while I am ahead.

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  1. Boo,

    None of those things would stun me. It was Warren not knowing Nicolosi had been making this joke for several years that stunned me.

    Warren, I also accept that you will not make light of this. I shall be interested to hear what that involves (and you know I’ll ask, some day).

    But… I’d also suggest that the fact such an offensive comparison is greated by laughter at these Love(sic) Won Out conferences says a great deal about what’s really going on.

    Where, on wonders, are all the other speakers at LWO? Not a peep out of them, or from Focus who are responsible for continuing to invite him.

    Crass and personal invective I can handle. Lewd and crude, not a prob (in the right environment). But a professional joking about brain damaged babies and how they are more fortunate than gay men and women??? Yuck.

  2. Let me try this again.

    I posted the remark from Nicolosi because I think is in poor taste and offensive.

    I have been subjected to far worse comments from people who post here but this is no reason for me or anyone to stoop to that.

    I am not going to say publicly at this point what I am doing but suffice it to say that I am not taking it mildly or being inactive.

  3. Oh, definitely fight the good fight. Just, you know, try not to get stunned when the sun rises in the east, Dr. Throckmorton equivocates, and Joseph Nicolosi makes callous anti-gay jokes. Or you’ll be stunned a lot.


  4. Boo, I’m nobody’s fool.

    Are you suggesting we stop? Stop what?

    Everyone is entitled to realise the folly of their ways. Or the harm they are causing others.

    We live in hope — or fight the fight 🙂

  5. Grantdale- what exactly do you expect from Thockmorton? I’ve already caught him in one lie here (yes Dr. Throckmorton, that would be in the Bill O’Rielly is right about gay teens thread) and that only took a couple weeks. You should know as well as anybody that these guys say one thing in public and another when they’re pandering to their core constituencies. (Not that their public utterances aren’t bad enough.)


  6. Fussy?????

    This is an appalling response from you Warren. I have every reason to be utterly disgusted by what Nicolosi said, as I would hope all right thinking people would be.

    You are a professional Warren, and someone — a psychologist — you politically associate with jokes that a brain damaged infant is to be preferred over homosexuality.

    I am not being “fussy” — I am in fact UTTERLY REVOLTED.

    That is why I was stunned — at both your ignorance of Nicolosi, and reticence when it all SHOULD have been obvious.

    Warren, treating my horror at the REPEATED comments as trivial does not forgive Nicolosi. Joking about our sensitivity on this does nothing but slander yourself.

    We were “stunned”, and am now disgusted. Please stop making light of this.

  7. You get fussy when you are stunned grantdale.

    No, I have not spoken at a LWO conference and I have been to three NARTH conferences. I do not remember that comment. I would have said something about it then if I did.

    I am taking steps to address the issue and that is all I want to say at this point.

  8. Frankly, don’t be so flippant Warren.

    You said you would be offended if Joe Nicolosi said such a thing, and your response to proof that he has been saying it for years is to blow it off.

    You and Nicolosi have been communicating for several years — and I simply do not believe you are unaware of his VERY public statements. You claim to be an expert about LWO or NARTH, including speaking at their meetings, when it suits you.

    Honestly, do you truly care who you are associating with? Or what harm HE is causing? Would you, could you, say so if you thought so?

  9. I’m shocked and disappointed that Nicolosi would say such a thing, considering that he is NARTH’s main representative. I’ve corresponded with several NARTH therapists, and they are liberals who believe in tolerance and self determination. To be represented by a psycho like Joe is a disgrace, and its no wonder these therapists do not publically disclose their NARTH membership.


    PS: why are they members then? Because it’s either NARTH or nothing. I do believe, though, that these therapists would be better off starting their own organization, one that does not pathologize nor degrade those who are happy being gay.

  10. You constantly stun me Warren.

    Nicolosi has been making this “joke” at Love Won Out for many years.

    “If the father drops the kid and the kid gets brain damage, at least he’ll be straight. Small price to pay,” laughs Nicolosi. The audience chuckles at the thought of a straight baby with brain damage. The chuckling is chock full of love.

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