Is there a gay agenda?

Regular visitors will know that I am not all into the agenda stuff but I was sent an article from World Net Daily that quoted references from After the Ball. I have not read that book although I have been referred to it many times. Many visitors here are critical of my work and viewpoints and I suspect of this article as well. And so I hope we won’t rehash that a ton. My question for anyone who wants to address it is: is this guy wrong about his reading of After the Ball? I have been told that there is no agenda that started with the gay liberation movement. A related thing that I have mulling over is an issue that is also being discussed at the ex-gay watch blog. Are gays more promiscuous than straights? I don’t like questions like that because it implies that gays and straights are groups of people like Koreans or Uzbeks (a people group to quote missionary talk). And if gays are more promiscuous then how come? Is sociosexuality a trait that runs through all people and for some reason more happen to be gay?