Time Magazine article on gay teens

Time Magazine has an article on gay teens out this week. It is the cover story and lengthy. Exodus representatives, Chad Thompson and Regina Griggs are quoted. I was interviewed for the article but the author chose to extensively quote Ritch Savin-Williams, Jack Drescher and Gary Remafedi. Inqueery received extensive exposure; I bet Chad is pumped. The article focuses more on gay identity formation and the experience of gay identified teens than on sexual identity counseling. I have only skimmed it at this point but will comment more later.

5 thoughts on “Time Magazine article on gay teens”

  1. No probs Warren, we can start that list of surprising stuff.

    I see Grove City has just been declared the 5th most antigay college in the United States.

    Woo-hoo! That must have had the champagne corks popping… oh, that’s right. Alcohol is also a no no.

  2. Well, that is what I like about you Warren. I don’t like your views on many things but you are usually honest about recognizing lacking of weight in some of the things that the “ex-gay” campaing do.

  3. I am aware there are limitations to the study and someone may point those out. I did so in the article. However, it has been reviewed by peers with substantial research experience and publications so I am not concerned about such criticisms.

  4. some person on exgaywatch.com is shredding apart ur recent study. he may or may not know what he is talking about. i suggest u check it out and address it, before he ruins ur credibility (this is assuming that he is anyone of importance).

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