Did Jesus Bless Homosexuality?

Did Jesus Bless Homosexuality?
Warren Throckmorton, PhD

Many gay religionists insist that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality and thus could not have opposed it. Often conservatives counter that He taught against any form of sexual expression other than heterosexual marriage, so He did not need to specify every sexual act outside of marriage for condemnation. What is the correct position?

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Kansas judge needs to hear additional oral arguments

This from the New York Times regarding the Kansas court case where the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that gay and straight sexual offenses should be consequenced in the same manner. This is fair and I agree with it. However, the rationale offered by the Judge about the law is horrendous: According to the Times,

Justice Marla J. Luckert wrote for the unanimous court. Justice Luckert rejected the argument that homosexual sex is more likely to transmit diseases.”The Romeo-and-Juliet statute is overinclusive because it increases penalties for sexual relations which are unlikely to transmit H.I.V. and other sexually transmitted diseases,” Justice Luckert said, referring to the oral sex in the Limon case and sex involving two women. “Simultaneously,” she continued, “the provision is underinclusive because it lowers the penalty for heterosexuals engaging in high-risk activities,” notably anal sex.

1. Oral sex is only slightly more safe than other forms of sex, especially if a condom is not used, whether the participants be gay or straight.
2. Anal sex is risky whether it be gay or straight (and maybe this is what she is saying and I would agree) and so the penalities should be the same.

Just don’t see what the types of sex have to do with anything here.

Maybe there is more context in the case that would make this make some sense but at first read this seems a clueless way to reason.

Song tag silly stuff

The Rules: List five songs that you are currently enjoying at this moment! It doesn’t matter the genre. What matters is that you post five songs that you’re really enjoying right now. Post the instructions, the artist and the song in your blog along with your five songs. Then tag five other people to see what they’re listening to. Trackback, pingback, slapback at will. Anyone can play.

Here are mine:

Here are the last five songs I listened to today:
1. Changing Horses – Dan Fogelburg
2. Heavy – Collective Soul
3. Fascist Architecture – Bruce Cockburn
4. Gotta Serve Somebody – Bob Dylan
5. Those Boyz – Unmatching Socks (my daughter Emma)

As Byron and Paul, I suppose I am tagging you back. And Xman – I am tagging you as well.

Reactions to the Dr. Phil show today

I watched all but the final segment on the young boy wanting to be a girl.

Overall reaction: The show didn’t shed any new light, break any new ground and Dr. Phil only scratched the surface of what could have been done. Too much in too short a space. This is why I do not watch these shows. He set up the piece to make it appear that the disapproving view was outdated but more on that later.

1st segment – 30 year lesbian who wants her family to accept her. The lesbian does not just want her family’s (mom and sister) acceptance. She wants them to change their beliefs about morality. She wants to be able to talk about all sorts of sexual activities that her mom and sister find to be immoral. She could have been wiccan and this family would be having the same problems as now. This conflict was not much about sexuality and a whole lot about one family member wanting the other two to applaud her every move. To his credit, Dr. Phil came close to making that point, but he was pretty much overwhelmed by the guests.

2nd segment – David Kyle Foster and a gay Christian advocate and a representative of GLSEN I think (I will correct this if wrong, later) were on to “debate” if someone who is gay can become straight. This was so stereotyped I could not believe it. No reaction came from Dr. Phil. He seemed clueless to know how to deal with the issue or how to advance any dialogue.

See previous posts: There was an effort on the part of the show and GLAAD to pack the audience. A group of ex-gay proponents got in the show by mentioning this link.

More later…

Gay penguin watch: Lesbian penguin adopted

Tue 18/10/05 –
A Gay and Lesbian organisation in Ghent, East Flanders, has a new member. Casa Rosa has adopted a lesbian penguin.

“Now that one penguin has “come out” others may see her as a role model.
The little lady in question will continue to reside in her central Antwerp location along with her partner in the Antwerp Zoo.

Casa Rosa has no intention to split the happy couple up.

It is quite exceptional to come across a lesbian penguin and the Gay and Lesbian organisation, Casa Rosa, were delighted to be able to adopt the openly gay bird.

The penguin, a so-called rock jumper, has been in a steady relationship with another lady penguin for some years now.

The two have even set up nest together.

The couple are thought to be the first known lesbian penguin relationship in the world.”

Move on Silo; you are so last season.

Is there a gay agenda?

Regular visitors will know that I am not all into the agenda stuff but I was sent an article from World Net Daily that quoted references from After the Ball. I have not read that book although I have been referred to it many times. Many visitors here are critical of my work and viewpoints and I suspect of this article as well. And so I hope we won’t rehash that a ton. My question for anyone who wants to address it is: is this guy wrong about his reading of After the Ball? I have been told that there is no agenda that started with the gay liberation movement. A related thing that I have mulling over is an issue that is also being discussed at the ex-gay watch blog. Are gays more promiscuous than straights? I don’t like questions like that because it implies that gays and straights are groups of people like Koreans or Uzbeks (a people group to quote missionary talk). And if gays are more promiscuous then how come? Is sociosexuality a trait that runs through all people and for some reason more happen to be gay?