David Parker on Fox News

Just caught David Parker on Fox News. His story is pretty amazing. For wanting to be notified when the subject of homosexuality would be discussed in school, he was arrested for trespassing in the Lexington (MA) schools. His son is 5 years old and going into first grade. If the school wins this, anyone who has a issue with the school may need to take counsel when attending a meeting.

One thought on “David Parker on Fox News”

  1. Warren,

    This is months old. And you are on the wrong side. I have kept an extensive log on this if you wish to know more. The parents have left a string of utterly impossible demands via email.

    The parents demanded that the school halt ANY class in which homosexuality was even so much as MENTIONED. The school refused, saying that those fellow students with same-sex parents would not be subjected to being treated as freaks. The father had demanded that even “show-and-tell” be censored if a fellow pupil started to tell what they did on the weekend. The school listened to him for several hours, and he refused to leave unless they followed his demands — at which point he was arrested and escorted off the property.

    We’re talking about 5 year olds Warren and, regardless of your opinions about same-sex parents, those kids should not be treated in the way that these parents demanded.

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