Paula Zahn, CNN and Love in Action

I watched the CNN/Paula Zahn show regarding Love in Action. Good reporting is allowing the principle characters to tell their stories and to report both sides of related controversies. This program came close but fell short. Director John Smid was interviewed. Fair enough. A satisified graduate and a dissatisfied graduate were interviewed. Fair enough. But then the bias was in interviewing APA’s Jack Drescher as the lone representative of the professional class. Fair reporting would be to interview a professional who has no dog in the fight (Drescher does not qualify) or balance his perspective with another professional who takes another view. Humorous, however, was Paula Zahn’s closing when she referred to the concept of change as if it were an idea from another planet.

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  1. I agree about Nick Cummings and Rogers Wright. I plan to ask them to review the Standards of Practice for Sexual Identity Therapy when they are done.

    I am also going to post my review of their book.

    Jason – see my post on the Richmond youth group.

  2. Warren,

    -The authors of “Destructive Trends in Mental Health: The Well Intentioned Path to Harm” really should be interviewed. They are APA heavyweights and they are all well respected members of the psychological community.

    -Jack Drescher obviously has a personal stake in this. His identity is at stake. It’s all a lesson in cognitive dissonance. It’s funny that people would see him as some un-biased psychiatric authority.

    -Some of what he says is true: 1) in the past, needlessly harmful and homophobic therapies were done and 2) A therapist should approach his patient from neither a gay-affirming or gay-pathologizing perspective, or in other words, neutrality.

    -I think the real problem is that people tend to see re-orientation therapists as a monolithic entity. There are a dizzying number of approaches, philosophies and idealogies, yet people tend to assume that re-orientation therapists are all just like Fred Phelps. Just for contrast, my own therapist is a member of the ACLU, and a super liberal Atheist Jew.


  3. I’m amazed at how the gay community has made it overtly possible to convince teens who are questioning who they are, to believe they are gay. (Teens will always question who they are. That’s normal for teens. Many who become involved in these gay-affirmative efforts aren’t even questioning their sexual identity–just questioning their identity as human beings–“Who am I in this world”). The gay community tells them “You must be gay. Don’t deny it. Embrace it. You’re gay and you can’t change it.” Unfortunately, too many of our teens are swallowing these lies. Teens just want to belong. They want a place to call home. Teens who don’t fit the “normal” pattern of the majority of their peers at school, they desperately want to belong.

    Now that our media and society has accepted the lie from the gay community, the “gay option” is now being forced down their throats. So I wonder Paula, “who is damaging the youth?”

    I wish someone would do an exposé on how the gay community is damaging teens by convincing them they must be gay. Let’s have Paula Zahn do some research into the teens who are told they must be gay. After a year or two of living as gay, let’s see how many discover that they aren’t gay after all. Let’s find out how screwed up these poor teens are now!

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