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Here is a Salon article on reorientation therapy. The issue is getting a lot of press at the moment. Here is a place you can track the bloggers on the issue.

I am growing concerned serious therapists are going to be dismissed simply due to a belief in the flexibility of sexual feelings. There are so many serious questions about the nature of the science that are being ignored due to polarization on this issue. Gay activists in particular are loath to allow any serious questioning of the sexual orienation orthodoxy.

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  1. To whom it may concern:

    I watched with interest the GMA, Good Morning America show this morning and they talked about Zack who is about to come home from LIA. The show also had on two men who had attended LIA. Both had come out of the experience
    with totally differing views.

    Brandon was one of the men and it was obvious to me that he was dead set against this program, saying that it promotes ‘self hatred’.
    He confuses hatred of sin with hatred of self.

    He also said that Christ promotes inclusion. This is only half true, Christ promotes inclusion with a command that one changes. Christ is God and if God condemned sin as an abomination, He would be making Himself a liar to promote it now. One of man’s major problems is that he loves himself more than he should. The homosexual behavior
    has been termed Narcissistic by some.

    Jesus ate and kept company with sinners that does not mean He condoned their sin. Jesus was doing what I have been saying we should be doing right along. We must have a relationship before we have rules.

    Gerard was the other man on this show and was adamant that change is possible. He spoke on the fact that reparative therapy gives a guardrail against the behavior not the attractions. I agree wholeheartedly with this. Most of us who have come out of homosexuality still find that we have tendency for being attracted but now have control over the behavior through Christ.

    Gerard also tried to shed some light on the fact that decisions made by teens are not often the right ones. Brandon wanted parents to have less of a say as to getting help for their confused teen.

    Gerard argued that a parent should have the say over what a child does or does not do, he said in an analogy, Just because the teen doesn’t want to go to school should the parent just let them stay home?? At that Sawyer closed the issue with a promise to keep in touch with Zack when he comes home. It was very clear that Diane did not agree with Gerard and was trying to keep him silent. Her bias is often showing.

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