Second reading of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill slated for February 2010

According to the BBC, the second reading of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is slated for February, 2010. There was a report yesterday that it would be debate today. And while there might be some discussion on the bill in the Parliament, I heard this morning from a Ugandan MP that the second reading would not be conducted today.

If the BBC report is correct, then the second reading of the bill will take place during the same month as the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. This is significant because bill sponsor David Bahati is an associate of the Fellowship Foundation who convenes the NPB. Bill supporter, Ethics and Integrity Minister, Nsaba Buturo, and Ugandan President Museveni are involved in the group as well. Buturo told me yesterday that he was not yet sure about his attendance.  

Jeff Sharlet reported here on Wednesday that the Fellowship Foundation has condemned the bill as have most of the US Senators and Congressmen associated with the group. I feel certain that the Fellowship does not want their signature event to be overshadowed by protests about Uganda. However, the event almost certainly will be if the Fellowship invites Ugandan Fellowship associates to attend. Jeff Sharlet reported here in his guest post that those invitations have not been delivered. One can imagine several scenarios which will have the nation’s attention on this issue instead of prayer.