Coming Soon: Interview with Mark Yarhouse

On Tuesday July 21, I will publish an interview with Mark Yarhouse, professor at Wheaton College. Mark and I are authors of the sexual identity therapy framework which became an alternative for religious gay clients. Mark and I will discuss the history of our work together going back to our opposition to a ban on … Continue reading “Coming Soon: Interview with Mark Yarhouse”


To contact Dr. Throckmorton with tips or comments off the blog, email [email protected]. Bio: Presently, I am Professor of Psychology at Grove City College. I have been with the college since 1994, first as Director of the College Counseling Service and more recently as a professor in the psychology department. I have a BA in psychology from Cedarville … Continue reading “About”

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017

In 2017, the following ten posts received the most page views: 10. K-LOVE’s Pledge Drive: Money Behind the Music (2017) 9. Former Newsping Pastor Perry Noble Incorporates Second Change Church (2017) 8. American College of Pediatricians v. American Academy of Pediatrics: Who Leads and Who Follows? (2011) 7. After the Demise of Mars Hill Church Mark Driscoll Landed on His Feet … Continue reading “Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017”

Mixed Orientation Couples and The Nashville Statement: What Would I Do?

Last week, I wrote about advice given by Nashville Statement signer Rosaria Butterfield to a heterosexually married woman who fell in love with a woman. In addition, this woman had come to dislike her husband greatly and had not been intimate with him for over a year. Butterfield’s answer to the intimacy problem was for … Continue reading “Mixed Orientation Couples and The Nashville Statement: What Would I Do?”