True or False: Donald Trump is the Vanguard of American Fascism

Several columns have been published of late claiming that Donald Trump is bringing fascism to America. Others argue he is not a fascist. In this post, I link to articles on the subject and invite readers to weigh in. Trump has done and promises to do things which are troubling and disqualifying, but do they come together and make American fascism? I think it is plausible but I continue to read and consider the evidence.
This is How Fascism Comes to America – Robert Kagan
Yes, a Trump Presidency Would Bring Fascism to America – Robert Kagan
This is How Fascism Takes Hold: The Media is Turning Donald Trump into Just Another Candidate – Neal Gabler
Yes, Donald Trump is a Fascist – Jamil Smith
Nobody Knows Anything about Fascism – Michael Ledeen
Donald Trump is Not a Fascist – Economist
I Asked Five Fascism Experts if Donald Trump is a Fascist and Here’s What They Said – Dylan Matthews
Is Donald Trump a Fascist? – Isaac Chotiner
Readers, list other articles you find on this subject in the comments section.

Bill Kristol Settles on David French for His Renegade Party

A former conservative think tank lawyer and National Review columnist (and Patheos evangelical blogger) David French is apparently at the top of the Renegade party ticket. From Twitter:

French seems like a nice man and worked hard for Romney in 2012, but as a serious let’s-get-this-thing-into-the-House-of-Representatives candidate, I don’t see it.
He also has theocon cred which for me is a problem. As Right Wing Watch pointed out today, he also has lauded David Barton as a historian – pretty much a serious question mark on his discernment.
One can still hope that delegates wake up at the GOP convention and say #neverfascism.