Here I am

I am grateful for the opportunity to help out Warren this month on this cutting edge site. My prayer is that I will faithfully walk the edge between faith, science and public policy (how does one walk on an edge with three sides? That task itself may explain some of the frustration, passion and confusion that plagues this public discourse).

I feel a bit intimidated by this responsibility so, to bolster my confidence, I have opted to increase use of a government approved substance available at multiple locations in every city.

Please see below and substitute “Dave…Dave, Dave, Dave” for “Glen”


David Blakeslee

Welcome to guest host – David Blakeslee

I am pleased to announce David Blakeslee, PsyD has agreed to guest host the blog for the month of January. I will working on a couple of writing projects and need to focus. Dr. Blakeslee is a clinical psychologist in private practive, gifted communicator and good friend. Given my blog addiction, I will be popping in now and then but I hope to leave the blogstead mostly in the capable hands of David. No stranger to this blog and to the topics we cover here, I feel sure he will provide interesting items for discussion and reflection. I want to thank him in advance for his interest in keeping the dialogue going.

I also want to thank Randy Fulton, Grove City College alum (’05) and current grad student at Geneva College for his able assistance in moderating comments.

While I am in a thankful frame of mind, let me also publicly thank Paul Oyler, who masterminded the move from Blogger to WordPress, as well as other web related cool stuff. If you need web stuff done, especially of the blogging variety, I recommend him.