Donofrio vs Wells: Obama citizenship case covered by the Chicago Tribune

Tomorrow the High Court conferences over Donofrio vs. Wells. According to reporting by James Janega of the Chicago Tribune, the case has little chance of succeeding.

Legal experts say the appeal has little chance of succeeding, despite appearing on the court’s schedule. Legal records show it is only the tip of an iceberg of nationwide efforts seeking to derail Obama’s election over accusations that he either wasn’t born a U.S. citizen or that he later renounced his citizenship in Indonesia.

Another article published yesterday in the Tribune sumarizes some of issues surrounding this and other cases.
This morning I received via email a fundraising appeal from the United States Justice Foundation.

UPDATE: Our efforts to compel Senator Barack Obama to produce a valid birth certificate in order to prove that he is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States ARE TAKING OFF!
As you may already know, we recently filed suit in California to push the issue and, at this very moment, we’re helping to fund the suit in Mississippi. We are in communication with other states that have suits in process; and we’re putting plans into action to file suits in additional states as well!
But, because our efforts are taking off, that also means we need your help!
According to a recent headline in WorldNetDaily, Team Obama tried to dismiss efforts to demand that he prove his eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States as “GARBAGE”!
But they’re taking the matter a little bit more seriously NOW! With each passing day, Team Obama is finding it harder and harder to dismiss the question.

I really wonder what the end game is when the Supreme Court goes through several denied certiorari petitions. In part due to the media neglect surrounding Obama’s record and background during the election, I think the distrust of media has given rise to a willingness on the part of some people to give weight to the narratives questioning Obama’s citizenship. A glance through the almost 500 comments on an early Berg vs. Obama thread will reveal sincere people trying to sort through often contradictory information. In this environment, I think the entrance into the arena by the Tribune is a good thing. With lawsuits being filed in many states, the story does not seem to be going away.
For my part, it seems to me that the state of Hawaii is the final word on this matter. If the Land of Chaka says Obama was born there, I cannot see any U.S. Court taking any other perspective.
UPDATE: A related case, Wrotnowski vs. Sec of State Connecticut, also was denied certiorari today. (h/t: Rich)

Make it an Obama holiday season

The Obama for America store has some items for your holiday gift giving needs. For that cold loved one, maybe someone who didn’t vote for change:

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Nothing says Happy Holidays like an Obama scarf and album…

Blogkeeping: Those ads and post 1000

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The Bullycide book is one I contributed to and provides support for the wonderful work of Brenda High and Bully Police.
The WordPress dashboard tells me that this is the 1000th post here on Thanks to readers and contributors for helping to create a fun and civil forum for discussion. The blog format is a good fit for me and I have gained much from sharing ideas and getting reactions. The next 1000 starts soon…

Auto Unions get the memo

United Auto Workers got the memo. Better do something.
I wonder what the concessions will be. CNN Money says the CEOs go to DC today and UAW is getting together tomorrow.
Why would the auto CEOs go to DC with new business plans but without knowing what the Unions might do? Is Congress going to be a labor mediator?
Oh, the deals that will be done.

Berg vs Obama: A brief update

I called the Supreme Court public information office about the significance of December 1 for this case. As I suspected, there is none currently. As I reported on November 19, the Department of Justice waived the right to respond on behalf of Obama, the DNC, etc., to the writ of certiorari filed by Philip Berg in his case against Barack Obama.
According to the SCOTUS representative, the next step is for the case to be scheduled for conference with the full Court. About 10,000 certiorari petitions are received per term with 75-80 granted. There is no set time for this petition to be heard by the full Court. The writ will be granted or denied at that meeting. We can have a docket watch for the date and outcome.
UPDATE: 12/2/08 – Lisa Liberi from Philip Berg’s office wrote to say that the Solicitor General is only representing the Federal Election Commission. Obama, and the DNC have separate counsel but the Court has had no response from them. According to Liberi, SCOTUS was waiting a week in case the responses had been mailed. A conference date with the full Court regarding the certiorari petition will be scheduled after the week passes. She also noted that Berg has a petition in the works to prevent Electors from casting Obama votes in the Electoral College.
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Obama rolls out the Mod Squad

Modification, that is.
In about an hour, Coach Obama will roll out his team. While he is in charge of the vision-thing, he has assembled a team of independent minded people who barely resemble the change-thing he campaigned on. More like a Modification Squad.
If any PUMA’s and Just Say No Deal folks are still reading, how is the appointment of Hillary as SoS playing with your camps?
Now that the election is over, the New York Times notes that the Bush administration had some initiatives of merit, even if unrealized. In fact, after bashing “the failed policies of the Bush Administration,” Obama is going to make a go at pursuing one of them in Afghanistan.

Several times during his presidency, Mr. Bush promised to alter that strategy, even creating a “civilian reserve corps” of nation-builders under State Department auspices, but the administration never committed serious funds or personnel to the effort. If Mr. Obama and his team can bring about that kind of shift, it could mark one of the most significant changes in national security strategy in decades and greatly enhance the powers of Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state.
Mrs. Clinton may find, as her predecessor Condoleezza Rice and others in the Bush administration discovered, that building up civilian capacity is easier to advocate than execute. [my emphasis]
That problem will be no less acute for Mr. Obama in Afghanistan, where the building projects and job-creation activities that Mr. Bush promised in 2002, soon after the invasion, and then again in late 2005, have ground to a halt in many parts of the country because the security situation has made it too dangerous for the State Department’s “provincial reconstruction teams” to operate.

The security situation must be resolved in order for the statecraft to have a chance to work. To his credit, Obama proposed more troops on the ground in Afghanistan. Given the defense team he has assembled, the change he campaigned on seems less change and more modification. Probably, chanting “the modification we need” would not have been as catchy. I pray it works.