Just for fun: Music trivia

I am in the mood for trivia and there is a payoff. If you are the winner, you can have one of anything I make (music CD, talk CD, DVD, etc.).

Name the drummer for the theme music track from the DVD I Do Exist. Hint: He was also the original drummer for the band who did the song “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun.

Post your answer and email it as well to me. First right answer wins.

Silo Rains on Penguin Pride Parade

Silo and Roy have split up. After 6 years of same sex relationship bliss, Silo has become ex-gay. Reached for comment earlier today, Silo insistes he was not pressured into his new identity. He denies rumors that he has been hired by Focus on the Family to begin a zoo ministry among gay penguins. No word on custody arrangements for their adopted daughter Tango. Silo’s ex, Roy, has refused all requests for interviews. Reportedly, he is considering a request from Vanity Fair for an exclusive story. Stay tuned…