Music city conference report: Day One

In Nashville and spent the afternoon and much of the evening getting ready for the Pre-conference workshop on Sexual Identity Therapy tomorrow morning. Musicians and microphones are everywhere here — even the airport — which in my mind is a good thing.

I was initially scheduled to be on the Mike and Juliet Morning Show thursday morning but was replaced by ex-gay therapist Jayson Graves. Although I think Jayson is a thoughtful guy, I was deemed a bit too measured for the event. And besides, he is younger and has more hair. I think that was the real reason. I was somewhat disappointed though because I wanted to tell my Juliet Huddy story. So y’all get to read it. Quite awhile back, I was interviewing a young man who was in distress over his homosexual attractions. In the interview, as is customary, I did a full assessment of sexuality and in so doing asked if he had any opposite sex attractions. He thought for a bit and said, he generally didn’t but there was one woman on TV he was attracted to “in that way.” When I asked who it was, he said, Juliet Huddy. I wonder if she would have blushed?

In honor of my surroundings, here is a bunch of country music talent all in one place…