And now for something completely different: Notions Cigar Box Guitars

And now for something completely different…

Here’s a plug for Notions Cigar Box Guitars made by my friend Michael Frey.

These three string guitars make it easy to play blues runs and have a surprisingly strong presence with minimal or even no amplification. With larger amps the sounds you can get are stunning and they look pretty sweet as well. I have played one of these through a sound system indoors and it performed well. This is one of my favorites:

 Check out the store and Facebook page.

Summer in the City – Lovin Spoonful

This short 1966 classic brought the heat.

Heads up: during the summer, I will be putting up some “best hits” from the past. I have some writing projects that I must get done and won’t be able to blog as consistently as usual. This week, I will put up some posts on reparative therapy with a couple of new posts about an article coming up in the New York Time weekend magazine on sexual identity therapy. I think it will post sometime on Wednesday. Stay tuned…